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    How to Be a Perfect Proofreader 24/7

    Have you ever wondered about what it is that a proofreader does? What are the skills and traits that each and every proofreader should have? What is proofreading, after all? To start off, let’s first say that each written piece looks amazing after the first draft has been put down on paper. After that come additional corrections of the text, including checking the typographical, spelling, punctuation, and grammatical errors. Once the text reaches its audience, it should be free of all of these kinds of mistakes. The first check-up is done by an editor, while the next one by a proofreader. In this blog post, we will discuss the main…

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    People Behind the Scenes — Proofreaders

    Every writing process starts with an author, or a writer, who is in charge of creating a new book, a magazine, an article, a blog, or any other piece of writing. But, have you ever wondered who the main chief is when it comes to the final version of all of those things once you have your hands and eyes on these lines? Yes, you got it right – it’s the proofreaders! Even though there is a stage between the first and the final draft of any written material before it’s ready to be printed out – the editing stage, the last stage of if goes to these guys. Proofreaders…

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    What Is Proofreading and Why Do You Need It?

    As you probably know, many of us write something from time to time. Even more of us read other written materials, like news, articles, books, blogs, different kinds of messages, and so on, almost daily. And we all read those lines, word by word. Thus, being completely unaware of the style these things were written in, let alone the spelling. We imagine pictures in our minds due to the sentences we have read, without thinking about the technical part of the story. But how often do you actually think about if these exact lines and words were written correctly? Well, this is the part where proofreading jumps right in! It…

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    A New Blogger in Town

    This is coming from a first-time blogger, so here’s a big hello to everyone reading this! As probably many of you already know, taking up a new skill or a hobby doesn’t always come easy. But we do live in a world and time that offer no space for stopping the technical (or should I say viral) and mental growth of our own in order to adapt adequately. There, I’ve decided this is the perfect way to show myself to the world out there. So, here I am.  But, Who Am I Really? Am I a woman? Am I active, both physically and mentally? Someone who seeks new knowledge every…