I am Nevena Boskovic Petrovic

When you say eyespyproofread.com, you think of a freelance, client-friendly proofreading service established in 2019. It has a sole proprietor of its work, services, and brand—me. With a long history of law practicing, English teaching, more than five hundred texts proofread and/ or translated, I decided it was about time I took matters into my own hands—I became an actual, trained, certified, professional proofreader and officially started my own business. So, here I am; you have found me. If you would like to get to know me closer, please do not hesitate to take a peek at my résumé and check out the rest of my credentials and qualifications.

My Certifications

I am a professional proofreader with the following certificates that prove my proficient level of English:

Certificate of Teaching English to Young Learners
Completion of the ITTT 50-hour TEYL Course
International TEFL and TESOL Training

Certificate of completion of General Proofreading: Theory and Practice course
Proofread Anywhere
Achieving 98% on the final examination

Certificate of Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages
Completion of the ITTT 120-hour TESOL
International TEFL and TESOL Training

Certificate of Proficiency in English
Level 3 Certificate in English (ESOL)
University of Cambridge
ESOL Examinations

Certificate of completion of proofreading and editing course
Proofreading Academy
Achieving 82% on the final examination

As well as my master’s degree in law as my primary occupation

Master´s degree in law
Faculty of European Legal and Political Studies, Novi Sad

Proofreaders' Dos and Don'ts:

A proofreader DOES check:

★Double or missing words

A proofreader DOES NOT:

★Check the table of contents, footnotes, bibliography, etc.
★Check consistency with actions
★Ensure the timeline is accurate
★Check chapter and page numbers are correctly numbered

What Skills Should Proofreaders Have?

Being a proofreader takes a special kind of personality and traits. Among others, several skills are imperative for every proofreader to have, and they include:

The eyes of a hawk

And a close attention to detail to notice errors of different kinds (grammatical, punctuation, spelling) right there on the spot.

An outstanding grasp of the language

Grammar, punctuation, spelling, capitalization rules, and word usage; proofreaders must be perceptive enough to understand what a writer intends to say, even though the written text in front of them might not be perfectly clear. They need to be able to read a sentence and know immediately if there is something wrong with it.

Love for reading

Proofreaders need to enjoy many different forms of writing, familiarize themselves with various writing styles, and acquire knowledge in broad range of subjects. Reading books, newspapers, websites, and even the text displayed on TV news programs and commercials with a critical eye -- they all come in handy.

Great Focus

The ability to ignore or block out distractions.

To work independently

The ability to take ownership and do not require constant supervision to complete a project.

Excellent communication Skills

To have excellent written and oral communication skills.

To be familiar with the proofreading and editing tools

In their word processing program, such as Microsoft Word's Track Changes and Insert Comment Features.


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