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A New Blogger in Town

This is coming from a first-time blogger, so here’s a big hello to everyone reading this! As probably many of you already know, taking up a new skill or a hobby doesn’t always come easy. But we do live in a world and time that offer no space for stopping the technical (or should I say viral) and mental growth of our own in order to adapt adequately. There, I’ve decided this is the perfect way to show myself to the world out there. So, here I am. 


But, Who Am I Really?

Am I a woman? Am I active, both physically and mentally? Someone who seeks new knowledge every day? A person who enjoys spending time with the family? A loyal friend? A working mom? A person so serious in her ambitions, but at the same able to eat a whole bag of gummy bears or sour worms? 

If you got at least three of them right, you definitely got through me. I am as many things as a person can be. Having graduated from law school and teaching English as well for many years now, I have always found interest about what else there is. As these two connect in a way, requiring great conversational skills and never ending flow of ideas and topics to discuss, writing and writing have always been a passion of mine. This is when I decided it was the right time for me to adjust my profession and become — a proofreader. And, to become a blogger, too. I thought that would be a perfect way to share the new tends and news about proofreading.

My previous work experience


Having worked for numerous companies before, I realized I didn’t want to continue swimming in a pool full of sharks anymore. With a supervisor floating above my head non-stop, never happy with the achievements I made, but always ready to disregard my work and effort. Therefore, I have put a stop to that once and for all and started my own business. And here I am — a blogger! One of the best things that has ever happened to me.

The fact that I am a full-time work-at-home mom makes so much sense to my life and so it provides me with a lot more time for the usual, everyday life. Is it easy? No. Do I feel like you’re trapped in your own spiderweb with no ways of getting out sometimes? Yes. Is it worth it? You bet it is worth it. It is worth every second of it.

Sometimes, when I try to get to sleep I think about how I should cut the housework a bit more, stop obsessing about the hygiene, the amount of food I have cooked. Also, how I should sleep more, take more time for myself to indulge in a book I’ve bought like months ago but still haven’t had the time to read (this is a common thing for me, though — to stack up new books in a hope that I will have enough time to read them in the near future. As usual, it almost never happens.  

As a consequence, the pile just gets bigger and bigger and so do my hopes). But you know what? I love the fact that I reach the point in a day when I feel exhausted, I love the bags under my eyes and the feeling of falling into blissful night sleep after 1 a.m. Why? Because it fulfills me with the sense of achievement and makes my life worthwhile.
I would be deeply miserable if I had the ton of free time with nothing to do.

What Kind of a Blogger Will I Be in This Blog?


I am a person who is interested in what is going in the world, gaining new skills and knowledge around the clock, and trying out new ways of conducting work. Plus, I started out a new profession of becoming a blogger! Thus, I am here to tell you about how I am planning to do it. Thanks to the new modern technology and the world today, it is easy to follow the steps to your own success.

As a blogger, I will try to lead you into the world of proofreading, discovering all the things there are. We will be discussing what proofreading is, what skills and requirements a proofreader needs to own… The list goes on.


I find it essential for a blogger to stay close to their audience and gain mutual trust. That is the reason I am here for you guys. To keep you updated about our main topics on this blog. In our case, it is proofreading. So, stick with us here and I am sure you will be more than happy with your regular blogger and be able to hear a lot about what I am about to discover you.


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